The Winter Olympics are starting up this weekend and everyone is talking about Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian, Audra Segree and Carrie Russell of Jamaica. For the first time Jamaica has a Bobsled Team racing in the women's trials. Making it even cooler for us 90's kids they've nicknamed their bobsled "Mr. Cool Bolt" after Cool Runnings and Jamaican track legend Usain Bolt.

They've already had their share of headaches having to switch bobsleds to a rental after learning the one they had been using wasn't up to par with the competition. Just like in the movie they had a difficult time financially preparing for South Korea having to pay for almost everything out of their own pockets.

Needless to say this team will be an early fan favorite and all eyes will be on them Saturday, February 17th when they take their first official run in South Korea. Hopefully they remember their lucky eggs to kiss!

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