Once upon a pre-pandemic, I went on one of the most epic adult field trips ever. My crew and I went up to Dallas to see over 5,000 pumpkins on display. We had so much fun.

The Pumpkin Nights is Unlike Anything I Have Ever Experienced.

If you are a lover of all things fall, and especially Halloween, you don't want to let Pumpkin Nights wrap up without you visiting.

Pumpkin Nights VIA Facebook
Pumpkin Nights VIA Facebook

We walked the half-mile path and saw the Forbidden Pumpkin City, a pirate’s cove, and more fantastical lands built using over 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins. I personally loved the Dia De Los Muertos displays. Let's just say if you need the perfect "fall" profile picture, this is the place to take some photos.

You can also enjoy the entertainment and games in Pumpkin Central, the big festival area in the center of the farm. Truly this can be a fun outing for your whole family, or you can do what my crew did a girl's weekend.

Pumpkin Nights VIA Facebook
Pumpkin Nights VIA Facebook

How Did Pumpkin Nights Take Off?

In 2016 the Minnesota State Fairgrounds had a mission to showcase local artists and celebrate the most magical time of year without the gore haunted houses.

Before the pandemic, Pumpkin Nights ran all throughout the month of October in five major US cities. After the Pandemic the only two major cities that are keeping the tradition alive are Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pumpkin Nights isn't just setting up in Dallas this year they have added an Austin location. Click here for more information on Pumpkin Nights. The opening date is set for September 21, 2023.

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