Did you know that you could enjoy a tropical vacation without leaving Louisiana? You can and here's everything you need to know!

Did you know that Louisiana has three tropical vacation destinations?

It's true, Louisiana has some fantastic places for you to vacation that feel just like you're on an island in the Caribbean! Grand Isle, Avery Island, and Holly Beach? Do any of those locations ring a bell? I've been tearing up the backroads around Louisiana for years now, but somehow these gems have eluded me. Check out this reel on Instagram my buddy sent me. It's like a virtual vacation without the sunscreen!

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Now, I don't know exactly when these videos were shot, because  Grand Isle has been through the wringer with a couple of hurricanes over the last few years. But whoa, did you see that water?! Blue like you wouldn't believe! Louisiana surprises me every time. I mean, when I think of water around here, it's usually that murky, hard-to-see-through stuff you find at places like Black Bayou, right? But these spots? It's simply incredible.

So, to double-check if these dreamy scenes were for real, I went on a little internet investigation spree. And guess what? They're legit, folks! Grand Isle, Avery Island, and Holly Beach are the real deal, and they're stunning! Seriously, take a peek for yourself. First up, Grand Isle, then Avery Island, and last but not least, Holly Beach. Now, if that doesn't scream "road trip," I don't know what does!







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