The lines have been out the door all day as this major Louisiana Boardwalk retailer has announced its closing. The sale that's going on now is drawing hundreds of people. This closure will probably impact the Louisiana Boardwalk more than many of the previous storefronts that have left.

The Nike Factory Store at 201 Boardwalk Blvd in Bossier City will be closing this month. As of right now, the official closing date is unknown to the public, and even to store employees. The staff has told the public that the store will close in "Mid May", with some even stating the dates will be between May 15th and 18th.

News of the closing spread extremely fast, and drew large crowds to the store as "50% off" signs went up. Giving massive discounts to products that don't often see discounts this deep.

Nike was among the major retailers that announced plans to close stores earlier this year. Other sporting good chains have also announced plans to close stores this year.

If you plan to make your way to the Louisiana Boardwalk to try and take advantage of these deals, be aware that the store has welcomed hundreds of people since the sale started, and there has been a "nonstop line" at the door as well.

Geek'd Con 2023 Lineup

Geek'd Con is coming back to Shreveport for another awesome year. This year the show is August 18th-20th 2023. Most guests will appear on Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes a guest will stop by on Friday night as well. Some of the guests will also be appearing for just one day.

Geek'd Con 2023 Autograph & Photo FAQ

These are the prices for autograph and pictures from celebrity guests at Geek'd Con 2023. These prices are subject to change at any point, including during the show. Some of these with be listed as too be determined (TBD), and may not be decided until the weekend of the event.