Have you ever watched a video and instantly known you are going straight for the comment section? It seems like every crawfish lover from Louisiana has something to say about this.

Crawfish lovers are perplexed, are you supposed to eat the crawfish shell? Do "experienced" crawfish lovers eat the shell?

Is It Normal to Eat Crawfish Shells?

Crawking is eating crawfish in its entirety. Like, this man is eating the shells like they're Doritos. It sounds just like he's crunching on chips. The sound of crunching should not be a thing when you're eating crawfish am I right?

One TikTok user said, "Born and raised in Louisiana and this is the first time I have ever seen someone eat the whole thing.". Another TikTok user asked, "So just to be clear... people don't eat the shell right? I was worried I have been doing it wrong."

There were some users who stepped in to defend the shell eating saying our stomachs are strong enough to dissolve the shell. I will pass on the shell.

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