Crawfest Is Taking Over Betty Virginia Park This Weekend in Shreveport.

Thousands of folks are expected to flock to the park in South Highlands to enjoy live music, food, and fellowship. Shreveport celebrates great food and live music like none other so it's clear many of us are eager for a fun weekend of goodness.

The Bad News Is You Will Have to Pay to Get Into a Public Park This Weekend.

Crawfest will be charging anywhere from $10 to $100 per ticket. You can get in for a day and it will only set you back $10, however, you can pay the $100 and get the VIP treatment.

Several Shreveport Residents Are Asking Some Hard Questions.

How much are the organizers of Crawfest paying the city of Shreveport to utilize a public park? The answer is zilch, zero, nothing. Pinpoint Events obtained a permit from SPAR to utilize a portion of Betty Virginia Park this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and no money was exchanged for that.

Is Crawfest a Nonprofit Event?

Nope, this is a money-maker for Pinpoint Events. How can a for-profit festival get away without paying a dime for rent? No admission fees are allowed in a public park, how did this get reversed for a for-profit event? This permit was signed off on in early January was this already in place with the Perkins administration? How did another year of this fly under the radar?

What Does Mayor Tom Arceneaux Have to Say About Crawfest?

KEEL News spoke to Mayor Tom Arceneaux about Crawfest and the concerns of Shreveport citizens. Mayor Arceneaux said he is asking his staff to evaluate the use of all city parks for events. He says "We currently have no fee structure set up for using the parks. But I have asked my staff to look into that and bring something to me." He also says it may be time for Crawfest to move to a different location. The Mayor says many of the residents in the area love the event, but there are also others that do not like the crowds and traffic generated by this growing festival.

If Nonprofit Events are Paying Rent to Utilize Space in Shreveport Shouldn't a For Profit Event Have to Pay?

We need events like Crawfest in our community, however, we need everyone to play fair. If for-profit companies like Pinpoint Events are getting sweetheart deals with the city then it's only fair to open that option up to other companies, right?

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