Comic books might be more respected today than at any point in history. Not only is the act of investing in comic books a solid financial decision, but everyone seems to love comic book stories.

Going back to the launch of the Walking Dead television show, and carrying through the massive rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People absolutely love comic book characters and stories, even if they've never cracked the pages of a funny book. Which is totally cool for most comic book geeks, we're just happy that our culture is being respected.

Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

With the rise in comic book interest, people are working to learn as much as they can about their new favorite characters and stories, even if they're just watching them on the screen. But they might start finding some of the weird comic book quirks that long-time comic book fans are familiar with, but they may have never seen. Something like a "retcon".

That is the act of changing material details about characters or stories that had previously been printed. It happens A LOT in comic books. Now with the introduction of film and television versions, its happening at a faster pace.

The introduction of parallel versions of characters on screen and in comic books has created new details that mean big things with some of the stories. Maybe the best example is the changes to the character Sam Wilson between the comic books and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In comic books, Sam Wilson, or Captain America, is from New York City. Being from New York heavily influenced his development as the character Falcon before he became Captain America. However in the MCU, Sam Wilson is from Delacroix, Louisiana. His upbringing on Louisiana's coast is a massive part of his story in the MCU, including his parent's fishing company, and his sister's home. His Louisiana roots are a major part of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier series.

These type of changes have impacted a lot of Louisiana's comic book characters. Let's take a look at where these characters are from, call home now, or have their origins tied to, when it comes to Louisiana...

Comic Book Characters From Louisiana

318 to Comic Books: Actors Who Worked In Shreveport & On Comic Projects

We utilized IMDB's filming location database to help put this together. However there is one movie listed there that we didn't include. IMDB lists X-Men Origins: Wolverine on their Shreveport list, but we struggled to find citing for this. So we just left it off. Some of these stars weren't in comic book "movies" specifically.

But we counted the Netflix Marvel shows, and MCU Disney+ shows as well.

We also added in an odd wrestlers. Pro wrestling has been a big deal in the Shreveport area for a long time, so we're going to include the wrestlers who've worked in the Shreveport area, and went on to comic book movie fame.

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