Okay, we're not kidding anyone. Winning $1,000 isn't going to send anyone into retirement on their own island somewhere in the Caribbean, but think of what it WILL do.

$1,000 could make for a pretty nice vacation. It could help buy a lot of graduation and wedding presents. And just like it did for our last Secret Sound winner, Valerie Collum, it could even pay your rent. And right now, Kiss Country is giving you the chance to score an easy grand with the Kiss Country Secret Sound Contest, presented by Suntan City, where you can tan for as low as $17.99 a month.

To help you figure out just what the Secret Sound might be, we're giving you a new clue each weekday until we get a winner.

Sun Tan City

Just listen for us to play the Secret Sound every weekday (except Monday, Memorial Day, May 27) at 6:15 am, 8:10 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. To help you remember those times, it's every even numbered hour each weekday from 6:00 am all the way through the 2:00 pm hour.

When you hear the sound, be the 9th caller 318-320-5477. Correctly identify the sound and win the cash!

Here's Clue #2 for today, Monday, May 20, 2019 - Couldn't make brownies without it

And if you missed the first clue, here you go.

Clue #1 for Friday, May 17, 2019  Every kitchen has one

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