Never have I been so betrayed by a piece of chocolate in my life.

Easter. It's a time of redemption, salvation and... chocolate. I'm sorry, there's no way to sugar coat that (no pun intended). We love what Easter stands for, but we also love running through backyards, church parking lots and parks looking for eggs. These little plastic containers are filled with candy and since Halloween is still half a year away, we are all in no matter how old we are.

But did you know there are candies that are banned in US?

They happen to be any type of candy that contains a toy in the middle, or a "non-nutritive component" as the FDA calls it. These items prove to be a choking hazard for young children. Although this ban has been set in place for nearly a century, we still find these products smuggled into our country. Have you ever heard of a Kinder Surprise? It's a small chocolate egg that contains a toy in the middle. Although banned, you can still find the confections in various places like New York, according to CBS News. We probably see them in the states because they are legal in Canada.

Can you imagine being detained at the border because of candy?

In addition to being banned, I think these candies may be cursed. Earlier this year, we saw thousands of these Kinder Eggs mysteriously wash up on a beach in Germany. Hooray, Easter came early this year! It certainly was an odd sight. Maybe a shipment was headed to the US before being shot down or sunk in the ocean. Stranger thins have happened, right?

All speculation aside, be sure to monitor what your child gets in their basket this year.

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