The best water park in the state is not in Shreveport. Would you make the drive to experience it anyway?

Who doesn't love a good water park? Even as an adult, I crave the rush of sliding down a winding, twisting water slide into a pool of refreshing water. I never feel out of place at a water park, even if I'm the oldest one there without children.

With the summer heat upon us, many of us are mapping out different ways to stay cool.

We have some great options to beat the heat here in Shreveport, but Insider believes they have found the best water park in the state of Louisiana elsewhere. Recently, the publication featured a list of the "Best Water Park in Every State" in their travel section. I got really excited when I saw the acronym SPAR...

Unfortunately, that acronym stands for Sulphur Parks and Recreation, not Shreveport. This Aquatic Center, described as a "hidden gem", is located in Sulphur. They have slides, a lazy river, a wading pool and a pool in which you can swim laps. But who really wants to exercise in the summer?

Would you road trip to this water park?

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