I am sure you have seen it all over the place lately about the flu. All over social media you will see people going to the hospitals because of their symptoms, public service announcements urging folks to get their flu vaccinations, and some even dying because of the flu. Well, this one lady from Arizona is took the flu to a whole new level. Turns out her "flu" was actually a flesh eating disease.

According to WGN TV, Christin Lipinski was diagnosed with the flu. Nothing out of the ordinary, she got the treatment she needed. Now the treatment she got was supposed to make her better. Instead the pain didn't go away.

Apparently the bacterial infection she had turned into this extreme case of necrotizing fasciitis, according to WGN TV. Necrotizing fasciitis is a very very rare flesh eating disease.

Don't freak out. The flu doesn't cause necrotizing fasciitis. According to WGN TV, the flu weekend Lipinski's immune system which made her vulnerable. This specific disease would've killed her. If you catch this flesh eating disease the only real way to fix the damage is through surgery. Nonetheless, wash your hands and stay home if you are feeling sick. The flu season is not over.


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