Donald Trump sure is a popular guy.  I'm not saying that in a negative or positive way, but you have to admit - our 45th president has people talking, posting, tweeting, and using every known communication tool known to spout their opinion - as is their right.  Reports are coming in from around the country that people who have said something negative about Trump are being targeted with robocalls telling them to stop making “negative and derogatory posts about President Trump.”

Gizmodo is reporting the group that seems to be behind the calls is Ownage Pranks.  Ownage specializes in prank calls, and allows users to request a prank.  It isn't clear, however, that these particular calls were pranks.  The company has ties to Jack Posobiec - an avid and vocal Trump supporter.  Mr. Posobiec reportedly helped promote the Pizzagate scandal, and is credited with joining an Anti-Trump protest with a "Rape Melania" sign in order to discredit the actual protesters.

Check out the call for your self here:

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