According to a recent study, the Ark-La-Tex is pretty well-versed in turkey.

Thanksgiving is almost here and many of us will be gathering a table with a giant turkey in the middle of it. We recognize this bird and appreciate its sacrifice for the nourishment of our bodies. However, how well do we really work with this Thanksgiving star?

We're fairly familiar with the turkey.

Well, at least when it comes to jobs in the field of turkey. Zippia, the Career Expert, recently dug into data collected by the USDA to find the states with the most jobs in the turkey industry and those with the least. Most of the Ark-La-Tex found themselves in the top half.

Arkansas has the most turkey industry jobs coming in at number 6 with 5,700 jobs. Texas fell in at number 13 with 3,486 positions. Although Louisiana didn't make the top 25 on the list, they did land at number 27 with 619 jobs.

Turkey jobs may be important for employees to bring home the bacon (or in this case, the bird), but I know we definitely know how to eat turkey!

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