If you have lower back pain or know someone battling back pain, this video is for you.

Watch as a physical therapist uses a tennis ball to massage the sciatic nerve in his lower back and leg.

If you've ever had this nerve bother you in your lower back you know that it can be painful and hinder your daily activity.

A couple of years ago I had my sciatic nerve flare up and it was painful. Had I known that I could use a TENNIS BALL to massage the nerve, I'd have certainly resorted to my tennis bag stuffed away in the closet.

This is good to know and its not very difficult to do. Place the ball on a hard surface and rotate your leg and gluteus maximus over the ball to relieve the pain.

By putting pressure over the sensitive area in your leg or lower back, the pain will be relieved. And the best part is you have complete control over the amount of pressure you administer to the area.

This is one video I will keep in the "back" of my mind.


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