Celebrity moms seem to bounce back from pregnancy and childbirth with lightning speed — but is that typical?

According to a new British survey, it’s not — in fact, most mothers of the mortal variety often require more than a year to feel like their pre-pregnancy selves again.

The poll of 1,000 British mothers of various ages by women’s lifestyle site Mojomums founds that it takes an average of 409 days for women to get their “mojo” back — five months longer than they thought it would.

For some women, “mojo” is defined as getting their figures or sex drive back, while others described it as feeling attractive, returning to work or having their own social life again. Constant fatigue, having no time to themselves and an inability to shed the weight they put on while pregnant all played a part in feeling not quite themselves.

What does help? Going back to work. More than half of the ladies said the longer they were off work, the longer it took to get their “mojo” back.

“Having a baby is a life changing event and you can’t expect to return to the woman you were before children overnight,” said psychologist Elinor Wilde. “Moms need time to adapt, try not put themselves under pressure, and resist comparing themselves to others.”


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