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Shreveport has a blight problem. It has for many years. Even though some volunteer organizations have helped, and the city has recently stepped up "property standards" sweeps, the city still has obvious issues.

One of the efforts that was launched in 2021 was a mobile app to report areas that need to be addressed in the city. The new tool was called SeeClickFix, a phone app that would allow you to report blight when you see it. It was part of the "Cleaner Shreveport" campaign that was designed to reduce blight and issues around the city.

But checking out the online site for the app today, it appears there are plenty of reports that remain "open", and have not been addressed by the city. Many of these are listed as being 4 or 5 months old, some even older. The reports include addresses and pictures of the blight.

Now some have been marked as "closed" or "acknowledged" by the city, but many remain with the "open" tag.

So what is going on with this app? Have these blight issues actually been addressed, but someone simply hasn't followed up on the site, or are they being ignored. It's possible that some of these have been taken care of, but someone just forgot to check the box, but there's also the possibility that the app and program have just been forgotten altogether.

Driving around Shreveport, you can see there are still plenty of blighted areas even after this app was launched. In fact, some of the areas that are most noticeable (next to I-20) are some of the worst looking areas. Which you don't even need an app to see.

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