Though I'm not exactly sure when Thanksgiving begins in the land north of the Mason-Dixon, I can tell you that here in God's Country, it's actually been going on since yesterday.

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If truth be told, it probably began the minute the kids got out of school last Friday.

The reason things really get heated on the Tuesday before Turkey Day, is because, that's when those procrastinators finally realize they've got to make a mad dash to the grocery store for a turkey, cranberry sauce and pie crusts.

Now, the actual cooking will begin tonight when Mom and your grandmother and aunts  converge on the kitchen or kitchens and begin to fashion what most would say is a little glimpse of what heaven will smell and taste like.

They'll cook all night long and yet when lunchtime hits tomorrow, they'll look well-rested, relaxed, bathed and cleaned up, with hair and make up done and wearing a big smile behind their apron. I've always thought that was God's biggest miracle.

Course they'll holler to "shut off that football game on TV" and go wash up for lunch at the appropriate time. Once the meal has been gone through like a flock of buzzards descending on a fresh road-kill, they'll spend the next hour washing and putting up the "fine China" that they won't use again until Christmas.

The festivities won't stop there. Nope, on Friday we're thankful for the turkey sandwiches and a little dab of that left-over dressing. Saturday it's turkey salad or possibly a turkey hash or cream of turkey (yes I'm kidding). Sunday there's turkey soup or something else made with turkey leftovers that required a recipe passed down for generations.

I'm just betting this full week is one of the biggest differences between our Thanksgiving down here and Thanksgiving up north. But, there are even more, so I've listed some of the most obvious for you.

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