This week, the eviction moratorium lapsed and the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center is asking for an extension.

It's no secret that many of us find ourselves in a compromising position amid our COVID-19 pandemic. Even though our state is in the middle of Phase Two towards reopening, I know many friends and family members who are still stuck in a tight spot financially. I'm sure you know people who are trying to figure this whole thing out as well.

This week, the eviction moratorium lapsed and landlords can now pursue evictions if appropriate payments are not made. However, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center is fighting for those who have not rebounded financially, asking the Governor for more time before eviction notices are handed out.

Their spokesperson, Max Ciardullo, says, "Any local official or state official should be deeply concerned about overcrowded courts and homeless shelters would mean for us. I think there is a lot of concern that this could spark a second wave.”

That second wave, of course, is another wave of COVID-19 patients who were pushed out of their homes and thrust into shelters across the state. Basically, he says that mass evictions state-wide will hamper social distancing.

He also states an alarming survey citing that 41% of Louisianians fear they will not be able to fully pay rent for the month of June.

He believes that, "there are going to be a lot of people who lose unemployment assistance in July and there are not going to be jobs to return to."'

Once again, I want to state that I know many people who are in this exact situation. Personally, I hope the eviction moratorium gets extended. I just don't believe our state has opened up enough to allow all Louisianians a fair chance to get caught up and back on track.


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