This year's 10 hottest men in country music mostly weren't on our radar five years ago; they definitely weren't around 10 years ago. With apologies to the genre's more-established acts, 2019 is a year for the rising stars.

These 10 country guys have sizzling career trajectories right now — and, yeah, they're not bad to look at, either. One's an American Idol finalist; one has the top country song in the country. Three of them are RISERS alumni (what can we say? We know how to pick 'em!).

To determine the 2019 list of country music's 10 hottest men, Taste of Country's staff looked at their time in the spotlight over the past year. The top-ranking dude was a pretty obvious choice, but read on for our full list.

Meet 2019's 10 Hottest Country Men:

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