Belt buckle up, because Hot Country Knights are here to teach you the "Moose Knuckle Shuffle," a thumbs-in-pants line dance showcased in all its honky-tonk glory in their new music video for the song. Press play above to watch.

Dierks Bentley's '90s country group released their latest tune and its accompanying video on Friday (March 6), and, as with the previously released "Pick Her Up" and "Asphalt," the video is full of nostalgia and hip thrusting -- only this time, the Knights thrust themselves right into a new line dance.

Doug Douglason (Bentley, in a wig and the most '90s outfit you can imagine) and his bandmates (the country star's band) thrust their thumbs into their pockets, hike up their jeans and pelvic thrust across the dance floor, bringing the shuffle of Tracy Byrd's 1994 hit "Watermelon Crawl," which is both sampled and name-dropped in the song, into a new generation of hearts, honky-tonks and skin-tight denim.

The dance is simple enough for fans of all line dancing skill levels to learn: All it takes is "shuffle to the left, you shuffle to the right / Put your hands in your pants, and you hike 'em up high / No matter what you're packin' under that belt buckle / Everybody do the moose knuckle shuffle," as Douglason sings. Add in a couple kicks, spins, forward-hopping pelvic thrusts, butt slaps and shimmies, and you've got yourself the "Moose Knuckle Shuffle."

The song borrows its title from the name for the male version of a "camel toe," and Hot Country Knights spared no expense on their constrictive blue jean budget in this video, including a pair for Lil' Doug, who dons a leopard print shirt, blonde mullet and pair of blue jeans to match Douglason's. Lil' Doug (that's Bentley's daughter Jordan under all that hair!) joins in on the line dancing for the last chorus and puts her dad's moose knuckle moves to shame.

"Moose Knuckle Shuffle" is the latest song from Hot Country Knights' forthcoming album, The K Is Silent, which is due out May 1. Hot County Knights will "Moose Knuckle Shuffle" out on the road this spring with their brief One Knight Stand Tour, which kicks off in April.

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