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You have to admit, the '80s were pretty awesome! I look back at some of the things we did and wore and realize how incredibly cheesy we were. But we didn't care how silly we looked, we were rocking it!

Now, on with the story. I'm pretty sure the catchy jingle they came up with for this old promotional video that posted to Instagram encouraging people to move New Orleans' Westbank back in the day was all the rage... at the time. I'll admit, the jingle is pretty snappy with lyrics like 'the gateway to New Orleans, filled with opportunity, where history meets industry,' but I'm not sure how effective it was in getting folks to move to Westbank. Have you ever been to Algiers? I have and I'm not sure it's a 'great place to be!'

The Westbank marketing team didn't hold back when it came to visuals of living the high life on the west side of the Mississippi River in New Orleans. The shirtless man in bib overalls with the hatchet was my favorite. The man that was eating a tomato is a close second. Let's take a look and make sure you have your sound turned up!

Pretty great, right? It got me thinking about what similar videos from the '80s would look like promoting moving to other areas of Louisiana? I'm sure they'd showcase Hamel's Amusement Park and the old South Park Mall in Shreveport. Maybe the Prien Lake Mall for Lake Charles? The Arcade Theater? They'd have to use Evangeline Downs and University Medical Center for Lafayette. I'd love to hear what you think about the video and possible highlights to feature in other parts of Louisiana.

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