Simply put only get gas when you need it don't freak out and fill up every container and car in sight!

Following Hurricane Harvey we've seen many refineries in the Houston area have to shut down due to flooding but this will not cause long term effects says the Railroad Commissioner. We are seeing gas stations run out of gas and prices going up all over the country. But Hurricane Harvey isn't what's doing it, the cause is people freaking out and rushing all at once to fill up their cars.

Gas Stations are seeing long lines of people filling up their tanks and other containers which is causing them to run out of gas quicker which in turn is causing gas prices to go up. Gas suppliers are having a difficult time keeping up with so many stations running out more often.

What should you do? Don't drive any more than usual and fill up your tanks only when you need to. Try and hold off on gassing your lawn mowers and any other ways you can cut back on your gas usage will help. We are not in crisis mode yet, but just like with banks if everyone rushes at once to withdraw it'll cause major issues.

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