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As we approach Halloween, lots of people are looking for family activities to get into the 'spirit!' Here are our top five recommendations for family-friendly events in Shreveport-Bossier!

While some of the selections you'll see below are scarier than others, we tried to come up with a wide array of activities to make sure there was something for everyone to enjoy! From the Drew Brees-themed corn maze at Dixie Farms to the haunted trail at Devil's Knot, we hope you have a happy, healthy, and spooky Halloween!

FYI, don't forget to check back for our weekly post about Shreveport-Bossier weekend events for the scoop on events like this weekend's showing of Hocus Pocus and Casper at the South Bossier Drive-in at the former Reeves Marine.


Get into the Halloween 'Spirit' with these Spooky, Fun Family Events

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