This billionaire has decided to do something about the future of education in America, beginning with his own state.

If you've grocery shopped in Texas, chances are you have been to an H-E-B. This is a chain of stores that began in San Antonio, Texas and after I lived in Texas for seven years, they are a staple for me when given the choice.

The man behind the stores is Charles Butt and he's giving back to Texas through the schools.

He is 78 years old and claims to be an optimist in all things. However, when it comes to the future of education in America, he's not so optimistic. So, he's doing something about it. According to The Dallas Morning News, Charles has pledged $100 million to invest in a "new institute dedicated to training school principles and superintendents."

It's called the Holdsworth Center.

Named after his mother, this will be a place for educators to work through a five-year program focused on leadership to boost the performance and talents to students. His mom, Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth, was an educator focused on students with mental illness. The goal of the center is to start at the top of the leadership chain with hopes of principals and superintendents inspiring teachers.

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