As the days on the calendar pass since the tragic death of their 3-year-old son, River, Granger Smith and his wife Amber have sought — and found — comfort in their heavenly Father.

“There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but the way Granger and I see it, we can run away from God at this time or we can run to Him,” Amber writes via Instagram on Tuesday (July 9) alongside a photo of herself with River, who turned 3 a few weeks before his drowning death in the family's backyard pool in early June.

“He’s been with us every step of the way, from the first responders and neighbors the night of the accident, to the doctors and nurse’s hands, to the friends and family by our side, to everything that fell into place so seamlessly for River’s service. He’s been there. So why would we turn on Him now?” she asks.

Granger Smith Pays Tribute to Late Son River Smith

Indeed, faith has remained a constant for the grieving family, who recently turned to their family’s YouTube channel to talk about how they are clinging to God during these dark and painful days since River's accident.

“I’m committed to loving people and raising kind humans and spreading our love for God, even in the shitty, unfair times,” Amber says in a raw, honest post. While she admits that she "won’t be 'happy' for a while," perhaps she can still find joy.

"Joy for my family, my life, and God. And you can too," she adds.

This determination to continue living is something that Granger seems to be clinging to also as he continues out on the road. The "Backroad Song" star has a show this Friday (July 12) in Ohio.

The family has been furthering River's legacy is by raising money in his name through the sale of a tribute T-shirt. They presented a check for $218,791 to Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin last month — the hospital that treated River after his accident.

The tribute shirts in River's memory are currently sold out, but the family is planning a new one, coming in the fall, to raise more money in his memory. Until then, you can donate directly to Dell Children's here.

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