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If you were hoping that Governor Edwards was going to open up the state more this probably isn't the news you want to hear. After receiving legal clearance to do so, the Governor has announced he will be extending the Phase 3 order another month. The new order, which will replace the current order that ends Friday, will run through December 4th.

The state's mask mandate and current restrictions will remain in place. However, even though a judge didn't stop Edwards from extending the order, that doesn't mean the legal battle is over. A hearing has been set over whether or not the State Legislature can overturn the Governor's order for November 12th.

Attorney General Jeff Landry, on behalf of House Republicans, are seeking to nullify the Governor's emergency COVID-19 order. The Governor, meanwhile, is making legal claims that the political move is unconstitutional and has no merit. While this legal drama plays out in the courtroom, the Governor can continue to enforce its restrictions on the Louisiana public.

At this time, it does not appear that the Governor will loosen or change any restrictions in the state.