It's time once again to pour a big heaping bowl of the politician's favorite breakfast treat "Raisin' Taxes" all over the good people of Louisiana.

Alright, let's at least be fair about this, we knew it was coming. There is no way around Louisiana's budget crisis without raising taxes. Okay, we could gut some state programs but that opens another can of worms that was opened way too often by the Jindal administration. 

Here is what Governor Edwards is proposing to help our state get closer to making ends meet. He is suggesting that we the people of Louisiana pay an additional penny in sales tax with every purchase we make. That would make the existing four cent sales tax a five cent sales tax.

The Governor also wants you and I to pay higher telecommunications taxes on all phones and because he's concerned about the health of our smokers he thinks they should have an even higher tax on their cigarettes. Here's what Mr. Edwards told the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Not all of those items will need to be done, but we believe the fix to the current problem lies in selecting from that menu of options.

Another idea being floated around Baton Rouge is a proposal to require internet sales tax collections.

The current purchases on the internet are not sales tax free, they are subject to a use tax, and we are hoping that this improves compliance from consumers who are misled in believing they are sales tax free.

These are just some of the steps Governor Edwards is discussing with legislators about how to solve the state's budget shortfall of $750 million.  The Governor will call for a special session of the legislature beginning February 14th. During that session any tax increase would have to pass with a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate to become law.


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