There has been a lot of news involving gorillas this week. Normally those incredible animals keep to themselves and stay out of the limelight. However, this week they seem to be competing with politicians, celebrities, and trashy teenagers whose parents need to learn some serious parenting skills. 

While the gorilla that made headlines in New Orleans was, in fact, a real and very genuine gorilla, this gorilla is more of a faux gorilla. He is the mascot for the Phoenix Suns NBA team.

How they managed to make a gorilla relate to the "sun" is beyond me but they did it. I guess it's much like the connection that Utah has with Jazz. An association which still bothers me deeply. Based on my limited knowledge of the Mormon Religion and the lifestyle of jazz musicians, I think the two things are really worlds apart.

The gorilla for the Suns is actually one of the better NBA mascots. In this video, he makes a dive onto the court that could have been a move that saved some team millions of dollars.

The reason for his dive was an errant drumstick. Not like a chicken leg drumstick but more like a piece of wood one would use to make a piercing noise on a drum head.

How this move could have saved an NBA team millions of dollars is this. A player could have stepped on that stick and done everything from a simple fall to having a career ending injury. I say that's a good move oh great and glorious gorilla, you spared us from watching a replay of a devastating injury over and over again on ESPN.

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