Historic Haunts of Shreveport have joined together with Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigators to put together a unique ghost haunting experience right here in Shreveport. The Municipal Auditorium is one of the most storied landmarks in the SBC from legendary concerts with Elvis, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash to sporting events to reportedly one of the most haunted places in America. June 3rd they will open the doors to the public to see if they can find the ghosts who are rumored to walk the halls.

Guests will have access to the entire 86,000 sq ft building including the basement. The cost of the tour will be $75 per person and you can find all the details HERE!

As someone who has explored several of the areas not open to the public I can honestly say while I haven't seen any ghost or paranormal activity the building has a lot of super creepy areas. So get your friends and bring your cameras for an experience not many have had!

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