Gary and Julie we're called out on Facebook by Chad Loyd late Friday night and they were given 24 hours to either make the $100 donation to or complete the Ice Bucket Challenge and make a smaller donation. Both Gary and Julie were out at the Sportsman's Expo at the Shreveport Convention Center Saturday and decided this would be the ideal time to get it done. Gary of course wanted to "redneck" it up so he had to find a rubber boot. Luckily, Gator Outfitters had a rubber boot handy. Gary took it back to concessions to get it filled with ice and a little water. Fetch in Fish was on hand, which was a perfect place to drench Julie with ice water. You can see how it turned out above. Now it’s time for Ryan Best, Erin Bristol, Frank Foster and Cody Cooke to get it done.

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