Pieces of Gary Allan's heart and soul fly around like swirls of confetti in his new 'Pieces' video. Those pieces are made up of photos, which feature memories and good times in his life.

In today's digital age, when photos are something you look at on a computer monitor or a smartphone screen and are no longer something you hold in your hands, it's a refreshing way to remind us of how important photographic evidence is of a life well lived.

Allan's 'Pieces' video, bathed in blue tones, features the singer and his band playing in a wind tunnel, pelted by the pieces of that life lived. Fragments of tattered images whiz by their heads and hands. They deal with some serious wind, but nothing knocks them off their game as they perform.

The photos appear to be real -- there's even one of Allan as a young gent, with similar hair!

The overarching theme of the video is that we need to remember to hold onto the things in life that are truly important, and to suck as much marrow from them as humanly possible. Cherish events in life in real time before they blow right by us, leaving us with nothing but pieces to pick up in the form of photographs and memories.

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