A bride-to-be says she postponed her wedding to be at Garth Brooks' concert at the Cajundome in Lafayette, La., over the weekend. As he sang her a song, she held up a sign that stopped him cold.

Brooks shared video of the incident on his Facebook page Monday morning (June 26). The moment seems to have come during his encore, during which he interacted with the audience and plays several songs acoustic. The bride and her maid of honor were up close, holding signs that got his attention: "U need a restraining order for her," the MOH's sign read, with arrows at the bride-to-be. But that was hardly the most interesting one.

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Brooks was singing the loving "She's Every Woman" to the woman, but when she held up a "You are my hall pass," sign he couldn't go on. Watch as the superstar doubles over and changes songs to "That Summer," a song about a young boy's affair with an older woman. No, the plot doesn't exactly match what was happening in Louisiana, but it's close.

The show was one of five scheduled for the Cajundome, with two more coming next weekend. Brooks' wife Trisha Yearwood opens all shows, as she's done throughout the World Tour. They also sing several songs together during his 20-song main set. The encore is unique in that it lasts several songs and is much more intimate that encores from other artists.

Brooks released a new studio album called Gunslinger in November 2016. His latest single is called "Ask Me How I Know."

Surprise moments like this are becoming commonplace at Brooks' shows. Earlier this month he gifted a man his guitar, which was a tear-jerking experience for reasons the man would later explain to Taste of Country:

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