Remember as kids when we played in the yard for hours during our summer vacation? We could be entertained with a sprinkler and a tarp. Or a piece of cardboard and a hill. Not now. No, kids need to be iEntertained. iPad. iPod. iPhone. Let's unplug the fun and start a list of FREE or nearly FREE fun things to do this summer in Kiss Country!

1. Use a big piece of cardboard to slide down a hill one thousand or more times.

2. Throw out an old tarp, spray it down with the hose, add a little dish soap and a few kids.

3. Take the kids to the spray ground at A.C. Steere Park

4. If you have a driveway (or any other area of concrete the kids can play on) all you need to pick up is some chalk and a rubber ball for Four Square and Hop Scotch! (That's old school fun!)


Here's a list that may come in handy this summer: Best Playgrounds In Kiss Country!