Ricky Williams, who is a University of Texas legend, former Heisman Winner and played in the NFL for 12 years, was recently stopped by Police in Tyler, Texas. According to reports, Tyler Police received calls about a 25-30 year old black man hopping fences and traveling through people's back yards.

After a brief investigation, Police found a black man walking the streets. That person ended up being Ricky Williams. Williams was eventually let go after a long talk with Police.

Williams was visiting Tyler to attend the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award banquet January 11 and told police he was bored and decided to go for a walk.

Body Cam and Dash cam footage of the incident was released by Police. Some folks,however, are claiming that Police went too far during the encounter by placing Williams' hands behind his back and patting him down without consent.

Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder said that the event was a violation of Ricky’s rights. He Told Fox 7 New in Austin, "That's not acceptable in any place in this country, but it happens every day with black people and that's why there are so many instances in this country of folks getting hurt, because of these illegal searches like that. It should never be occurring.”

Linder did add that Williams could have handled the situation better, saying "Be calm, be cool, fight it another day, don't fight it on the streets, but this is a classic example of an incorrect stop and illegal detention. That's what this was. He was illegally detained and that needs to be very, very clear. This was unnecessary."

The Tyler Police Department issued the following statement about the encounter:

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at approximately 3:30 p.m. Tyler Police received a call from a resident at 8239 Yale in reference to a suspicious person behind his fence line in his backyard.

The caller stated that his dog was barking in his back yard as if someone was back there.  The caller then observed a B/M, wearing all black crouched down behind his wire fence in a green belt area that backed up to the Courtyard Marriott.  The home owner made verbal contact with the subject who asked the owner if he was looking for his dog.  The subject then continued a short distance to the north climbing over the fence into the Colonial Hills Baptist Church rear parking lot.  After the subject left the area the homeowner called the police.

While checking the area police contacted a construction worker with Saltgrass Steak House and were advised that a person matching the description had been seen in the area.  The worker stated that the person picked up a tape measure and was going to walk off with it.  He told the subject that the property did not belong to him and it was returned.

Around 4:00 p.m. officers located a subject matching the description provided by the caller just north of the Courtyard Marriott.  Officers conducted a short investigation in reference to the suspicious person call.  During the course of the interview, officers identified the individual as Ricky Williams.  After obtaining all of the necessary information officers completed the contact with Mr. Williams.

No further action was taken by officers.

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