Hey America, are you ready to see your new Fixer Upper spin-off series?

Every time I watch Fixer Upper, my husband loves to say "He borrowed my pen once..." Of course, he is referring to Chip Gaines, husband of Joanna Gaines, and one half of the power couple who star in a show all about taking on 'fixer uppers.' My husband and I both went to Baylor, like the Gaines did, and spent some time living in Waco, Texas (where the show is filmed). When my husband was a FedEx driver, he delivered to the Gaines' shop Magnolia in their old location, where Chip "borrowed his pen" to sign for a package.

I tell you that story to show you how connected we feel to Fixer Upper.

Now, we have a chance to see even more of America's favorite couple. Chip and Joanna Gaines recently announced that they will be starring in a spin-off series on HGTV. It's called Behind the Design.

The show will give viewers a more in depth look into what goes into the design process for each of the homes these two take on. They literally take an old, run down house and turn it into their clients' dream home. It's fascinating! And now we will be able to see how that dream is turned into a reality from a design standpoint.

We may even pick up some pointers along the way to be applied to our everyday, non-Fixer Upper living situation. Can't wait!

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