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We have known for a while that Kevin James was going to bring New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton to the big screen...but seeing it is still pretty interesting.

The movie is called Home Team, and will focus on the year that Payton was suspended from the NFL because of "Bountygate". Now, the film may not be a specific "real life" story, but is absolutely influenced by real events.

Here's the trailer:

The movie will star Taylor Lautner (Twilight movies) and will feature Rob Schneider, Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice guy), and Gary Valentine (King of Queens).

It appears to be a soft-reboot, or semi-remake of the 1998 movie of the same name. That 1998 film starred Steve Guttenberg, and was produced by Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman. In that movie, Guttenberg plays a professional soccer player who helps a boys soccer team when he's put on probation.

Lautner talked to People magazine about the movie, and specifically his character in the movie:

"My character is very much the older brother figure for the kids. He's not great at football but has a great relationship with the kids, whereas Sean Payton comes in and is an amazing coach but needs to work on his rapport with his son and his teammates." 

It does not appear that Home Team will dive too deep into Payton's job with the Saints, and likely won't touch the "Bountygate" scenario in detail. But instead the movie will focus on what happens after Payton is suspended. James told People that the movie is a "great father-son story".

Home Team is set to premiere on Netflix on January 28th, 2022.

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