If you're like me you check your shoes before putting them on and anything else to make sure there's no snakes. I wouldn't consider myself to be scared of snakes but over cautious about things... I blame my mom for this. But now firefighters are putting out a new warning to check your pool noodles for snakes before using them.

KSLA reports that an Arizona family found not one rattlesnake but an entire family of them in pool tubes as they were about to go for a swim. Summer and Winter months see interactions like these with snakes the most due to the extreme temps causing them to seek shelter. The pool tubes make the perfect "cave" for snakes to hide away in.

To help prevent this from happening to you don't leave food, water or anything else out that'll attach their food so try to keep your outside stuff as neat as possible. But unfortunately there's always a chance they'll still come in so check things that are outside before you use them.

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