This is the lowest number in months. It's certainly not the endgame, but the finish line is more visible now than ever!

Today, we have cause for celebration as our state prepares it's entry into Phase Two. As I type this, less than half Coronavirus patients in the entire state of Louisiana are using ventilators. Granted, the ultimate celebration will come when that number falls to zero, but under 100 for the first time in months should make us all happy and proud.

On Friday, May 29th, Louisiana's Department of Health reported the number of ventilators currently in use by LA COVID-19 patients to be 90. For reference, on Thursday that number was 10 higher at an even 100.

This is also god for those in our state who are hoping to enter Phase Two sooner rather than later, as hospitalizations or lack-there-of would be critical towards fully reopening our state.

In a world where it seems like good news is far and few between, it's nice to write an article like this. I'm sure we all can agree that we're eagerly awaiting the day an article can be written claiming ZERO ventilators in use, and ZERO COVID-19-related deaths.

Until that day, we'll celebrate small wins like this.

The last time fewer than 100 ventilators were in use on COVID-19 patients, this craziness was just beginning and we were all afraid of the future, and afraid that our hospitals might not even have enough ventilators.

We'll continue to update you as we approach Phase Two in Louisiana!


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