The Young Marines is a youth education and service program sponsored by the Bossier Sheriff's office.  For many years this program has received federal grant funding, but this year, due to certain wording that includes  "special emphasis on the love of God and fidelity to our country," funding may be denied to the program.

Young Marines Recruits

Deputy Norman Craig has been coordinating the Young Marines program for years. And for the last several years the program has received an equipment grant from The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Programs in Washington D.C. Well, this year, after years of easily receiving funding, things have been a little fishy. The folks working in D.C. presented question after question regarding the Young Marine program here in Bossier City resulting in a lack of expected funding.

After Deputy Craig investigated further, he was informed by a government official that the problem lies within wording found in the Young Marines pamphlet, specifically the phrase "special emphasis on the love of God and fidelity to our country."

Here's the entire paragraph that includes the statement:

Upon joining the Young Marines, each recruit will undergo basic recruit training for 13 weeks. During this time, the youth will have the opportunity to learn military history, customs and courtesies, close order drill, physical fitness, rank structure and other subjects pertaining to life skills. Most importantly, the youth will learn to bond and relate with other young recruits and the opportunity to interact with caring adult mentors that are committed to providing them with a safe place to develop and grow with special emphasis on the love of God and fidelity to our country.

It is an absolute shame that a program for our youth will suffer the loss of federal funding due to the inclusion of God in their practices. What is our world coming to?

Read more about the Young Marines and learn how to contact your Louisiana State Representatives here.