Back in April, California health care company BioCorRx, Inc. offered the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections a deal on an experimental new implant that would help people addicted to drugs break free of their addiction.  That implant contained a time release version of the drug naltrexone.  Now an advocacy group is calling for the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a formal investigation into the program, claiming that it operated without the approval of regulators.

The Washington D.C. based group Public Citizen issued a formal request to the FDA in response to the news that the plan to surgically implant this potentially addiction ending  drug in inmates that volunteered and were preparing to be released back into society.  According to the Advocate, the group claims that the entire program was established to

... test an unapproved drug implant on inmates, all without receiving informed consent from the inmates and proper approvals from outside agencies."

Originally, the plan provided 10 such implants to the Department of Corrections.  However, the program was halted after the first volunteer.  That inmate, 39 year old Alvin Dutruch of New Orleans, has reported no side effects and claims the treatment has aided his recovery tremendously.  It is unclear why the program was stopped.

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