Easter is less than a month away. It's April 17 this year. Now that we do have some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, will the Easter Bunny be back out in force this year? It looks like that will happen.

As one of 6 children, Easter Sunday morning has always been one of my happiest family memories. To walk into the kitchen and see 6 glorious baskets filled with goodies was amazing. The chocolate bunny at the center of the basket was the focus of my interest, but I also checked out my bounty of Goldbrick Eggs. You will have a hard time finding Goldbrick Eggs these days. My childhood favorite doesn't make the list of the favorite Easter candies.

I also loved those solid chocolate eggs made by Hershey's. My 5 brothers and I would often sit down and make trades. But the bunnys were off limits. And if you took a bite of someone else's bunny, that was fighting time. There are two Easter candies I can not stand. Those are Peeps and Heavenly Hash. I am not a fan. Only a couple of my brothers would make a trade for the Heavenly Hash bars. I'm glad they have faded away over the years.

What Is Louisiana’s Favorite Easter Candy?

RetailMeNot has this list:

26% prefer Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Eggs
24% prefer Jelly Beans
20% prefer Cadbury Eggs
16% prefer Chocolate Bunnies
And only 14% chose Peeps.

Americans will spend about $1.9 billion dollars on Easter candy, second only to Halloween in candy consumption.

Top 10 Easter Candies in the United States:

Chocolate is a favorite, but we also like some of the other candies you might find in your Easter basket.

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