We all remember the father, Randall Margraves, who after hearing the testimony of his daughters about Larry Nassar wanted to take matters in his own hands. After asking the judge for five minutes with Nassar, the dad rushed Nassar being stopped by police just short of grabbing him.

The incident was recorded and the video went viral. Although he was never charged, people reacted by raising $31,000 to cover any possible legal fees Margraves may receive if he faced charges. What will Margraves do with the money?  He has announced that he will donate the money raised to charities who help survivors of sexual abuse.

Margraves has said anyone wanting a refund from what they donated since he's not using it for legal fees has until March 9th. The remaining funds will be donated. TMZ reports that the charities expected to receive the money are Small Talk, RAVE and the Firecracker Foundation.

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