According to Nerdist, the upcoming live action Mulan that will be hitting theaters in November of 2018 will not be a musical. This has fans pretty upset.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Disney. As a little girl I would watch each movie and dream of being a princess, but also defeating the Huns and saving China.

I think fans are forgetting why we have these stories. It is to create role models for young girls and boys.

Although several Disney live action movies have shown a few hints at the original music elements like The Jungle Book, and some have gone full force with the music like Beauty and The Beast. However, movies like Cinderella and Maleficent didn't have any music and did very well in the box office.

Each princess was a role model I could look up to. Cinderella taught me to be kind and to always have compassion even to those who are cruel and mean. Ariel taught me that I can achieve my dreams even if they seem impossible. Merida taught me that I can choose the life I want and stand for what I believe in. Mulan taught me that I can be strong for my family and for my country, and that girls can be strong and fierce.


Whether Mulan inspires me to 'get down to business' or not I believe it will be worth seeing in theaters.


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