Is it really a sports outing if some sort of a fight isn't involved? We have been cooped up for over a year now. When we were let out of the house, we still had to stay away from each other. Now that we are allowed to rub some elbows with each other more and more, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise someone is going to indeed rub us the wrong way.

Wednesday, some feathers got rustled during the Astros and Dodgers game. It was game two for the Astros as they were about to put the Dodgers out of their misery with a 5-2 win when two Astros fans went up against a lone Dodgers fan. I will say the Dodgers fan did not have the upper hand in size at all. As the fight broke out, the two Astros fans had a grip on the Dodgers fan, until the fists started flying. The two-on-one match ended with one Astros fan on the ground and the other one trying to figure out exactly what had just happened.

I get it. We are a little out of practice, but that little Dodgers fan looked a bit spry and ready to whoop anyone who came around. The Dodgers fan was escorted out of the stadium, but no word was given on whether or not he received his championship belt after the fight.

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