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The shortage of gasoline available in the hardest hit areas of Louisiana can't be overstated.  Everyone needs fuel to power generators where the power hasn't been restored, fill gas tanks for rescue vehicles, chainsaws, and just to gas up personal vehicles to run back and forth to houses and property folks are trying desperately to clean up!

A lot of stations are plumb out of gas (or are lacking the power to pump it), but the ones that aren't are dealing with miles-long lines and some pretty irate customers.  It's a crazy scene.  Luckily, Exxonmobile has just the fix.  The mammoth petroleum company just announced that they are donating a whopping 11,000 gallons of gasoline to relieve the shortage in areas that need it most.

Exxonmobile teamed up with Lard Oil to make sure healthcare workers in Baton Rouge who are currently struggling to get gas in order to make it to work (where they are non-stop saving lives).  According to WGNO, this massive donation will make things easier for everyone by helping healthcare workers get to work, which will lessen the wait at the gas stations for everyone else.

To deliver this fuel, Exxonmobile will set up tankers at the Baton Rouge Clinic, Ochsner and Our Lady of the Lake so that workers can fill up right there in the parking lot.

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