It's amazing to me how two people who once loved each other with an undying passion can hate each other with that same passion when a marriage falls apart. Divorce is not pretty. Sometimes it can be civil, most times it isn't. This is one of those times when revenge and resentment put one woman in the hospital and her former husband in jail.

According to reports the incident in question involved a man and woman from Clinton, Massachusetts. The couple had decided to divorce and as usual who gets what turned into a rather contentious affair.

The judge in the case ruled that the wife would get the house. He also ruled that the husband must repair the clothes dryer in the home. Obviously he had something to do with the appliance no longer working and the judge felt that was his obligation.

The gentleman, Dean Weeks, was obviously quite handy around the house because he did in fact fix the clothes dryer. He sent a text to his former wife telling her the appliance was repaired and she should come test it out.

When Doreen Weeks turned the appliance on it exploded. The force of the blast was enough to cause severe burns to her legs. In fact, the blast was so extensive it actually blew the woman's small dog out of a second story window. I know you're wondering, the dog is okay.

The gentleman, Dean Weeks, was arrested on four counts of assault. Authorities believe he booby trapped the dryer to kill his former wife so that he might be allowed to keep the house for himself.

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