You snap photos of strangers and post them on social media. No big deal, right? If the reverse happens, does it become a big deal?

Warning: I may ruin your ability to interact in public with this, but hear me out. 

This weekend, I had a little bit of an epiphany. It was something so simple, but potentially life-altering. Hubby and I took a trip to the farmers market which always presents ample photo opportunities of products, goods, crafts, and even... people. Yep, it happens fairly often. You find someone doing something funny, weird or interesting and you snap a photo of them.

That photo usually ends up on your social media.

I mean, why not? You found it funny, weird or interesting so why wouldn't your friends and followers do the same? That person just became a topic of conversation on your feed... and you don't even know them. But it's your social media so no harm, no foul, right?

Well... maybe.

This is where my epiphany came into play. What if people are doing that with me? What if people think I'm funny, weird or interesting and are snapping photos of me for their own social media. Does that change things?

For some of you, you're now thinking of ways to insure that you never have to leave your house again. That was not my intention. In fact, it changes things in a positive way for me. Suddenly I have a chance to make a positive impact on someone. I can be funny, weird or interesting in a good way. It's more of an opportunity for some character development for me.

We live in a world where practically everyone is carrying a camera/video camera in their pocket ready to document the world. Does that freak you out or present a new opportunity for you?

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