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Look, I've got to confess - I've been pretty drunk before.  Like, "Man, I wish I wouldn't have said/did/ate/drank/rode that" drunk.  But, I can (somewhat) proudly say that I have never gotten so hammered that I decided to drive myself to jail.

I guess I'm a lightweight compared to the guy pictured above.  The man you are looking at is 35-year-old Bobby Koch of Choudrant, Lousiana.  According to the report from FOX 8, Koch popped up rather unexpectedly at the Ouachita Correctional Center (OCC) in Monroe this past weekend.  When deputies from the Ouachita Sheriff's Office showed up, they suspected Mr. Koch could be intoxicated.

Investigators suspicions only strengthened when the suspect allegedly proclaimed that he was sent by the one and only God.  As in, God told him directly to drive (inebriated) to the OCC in order to get his family out.  To his credit, Koch seems to be an honest (albeit deranged and reckless) guy, because when he was asked point blank if he was on drugs - he admitted that he had been using methamphetamines before his journey.

After obtaining permission to search the suspect's vehicle, authorities found a small amount of meth - which Koch admitted was his.  He was immediately placed under arrest on the charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and promptly walked a few feet to the jail where he currently resides.  With his family.

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