Six days a week, Gary and Bristol get up before the sun shines to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning!

EA Sports has run their official Super Bowl simulation on Madden and according to them the Patriots will beat the Falcons 27-24. They’ve been right nine of the last 13 years, so we’ll see!

Imagine walking down the street in Nashville seeing a musician playing on a corner. You may listen for a minute, maybe throw some change in their guitar case... Now, imagine finding out the person you just saw was Keith Urban in disguise?!? Keith wore a wig and a baseball cap and did just that to film a video for a shindig coming up in Nashville. He made $8.

Willie Nelson is famous for his pot. Heck, he’s the only person Snoop Dogg says can smoke him under the table. Timothy Olyphant was on Conan the other night talking about his new show Santa Clarita Diet and he told a story about taking two hits off of Willie’s Reserve. He said it was at least one hit too many and ended up sitting in the middle of a lawn, paranoid!

Celebrity Birthdays February 2:
Duane Chapman 64
Christie Brinkley 63

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