Even with the summer heat upon us, we live in a pretty good place for energy expenses.

The thermostat in my home is a constant battle between my husband and I. He likes it colder than Alaska, while I prefer more of springtime in Vermont. Of course, I've never been to Vermont, but it sounds like it would be lovely in spring. Part of it for me is also the fear of receiving an electric bill that is through the roof.

Surprisingly, living in the south isn't terrible... At least when compared to the rest of the United States.

According to WalletHub, two-thirds of the Ark-La-Tex is pretty cheap when it comes to energy expenses. In fact, Louisiana is one of the cheapest. WalletHub looked at more than just electricity expenses. They also took into account natural gas, motor fuel and home heating costs.

Louisiana's expenses average $258 which ranks them at number 41. Arkansas was also in the cheaper half of the list at number 36, averaging $269 a month. Texas however, struggled a bit as they came in at number 22 with monthly expenses averaging $283.

Connecticut is the most expensive state with $380 average expenses. Alaska, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Wyoming ranked number two, three, four, and five respectively.

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